Things to know


• Our goal is to create a comfortable and creative space for you. Feel free to reach our if you have any questions or need some kind of help.
• Our studio is pet friendly. Don’t leave your pet sad and home alone. You will find a water bowl close to the  entrance door.
• We do everything to make sure you are safe in our studio, but we will not be held responsible for any lost belongings or accidents in the studio.
REMEMBER – we try hard, respect and love our clients and expect the same attitude from you : )


• We recommend that you come to the studio no earlier than 10 minutes before your booking. It is very likely that the studio will be occupied and you will not be able to enter it earlier.
• If the studio is not occupied before your reservation and you would like to come and start working earlier, we have absolutely nothing against it. We will just adjust your start and end time accordingly. 

We are not responsible for you being late. Your time will not be adjusted accordingly.


• The studio rental price is calculated for the entire booked time (even if you finish the work a little earlier).
• By the end of the allotted time, you need to be able to get the job done and tidy up the studio so that it stays as you found it. We will inform you if the studio is booked after you. In that case, the delay is not tolerated at all, please respect the time of others.
• While working  you noticed that you might need a little bit more time and want to extend your reservation? No problem – let us know at least 30 minutes in advance. If the studio after you is available, we will extend the reservation.
• Payment for the rental of a studio is only possible when it is vacated, you are done working and it is completely tidy.  We accept card payments or we will send you an invoice if there will be such prior agreement.
Delay to leave the studio will be charged accordingly– up to 30 min / 200kr + mvamore than 30 min / 400kr + mva.
• Be sure to to notify before leaving. Do not leave without notice.


• You can use all the props kept in a common space, except for the clothing items.  After you are done, please return all items taken to their dedicated places and leave the studio in it’s original state.
• We ask you to not move furniture and bigger props without castors.  Do not scratch floors or walls. If you need something heavier moved, please ask us, we will gladly help you out.
• We sometimes update colors of walls, so please let us know upfront if you will need any specific wall and we will double check if it has not changed. 
• Please inform the studio upfront if you will want to use the bed.


• For your convenience, studio has a ready-made makeup space where a make-up artist can settle.


• There is no internet in the studio.

Wernersholmvegen 31, 5232 Paradis
+47 458 38 543

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